Whistleblowing reports

The digital platform allows anyone (employees and collaborators, suppliers and any other person who entertains, has entertained or is preparing to establish work relationships, of any type, or professional with Fondenergia) to report - through a guided online path on the internal channel activated by the Pension Fund - cases of illicit conduct or irregularities, violations of regulations or in any case violations of company procedures and provisions in general.
Through this platform it is possible to make reports to the internal channel activated by Fondenergia. At www.fondenergia.it you can find the procedure adopted by the Pension Fund, which provides detailed information on use of the internal and external channels managed by ANAC, together with the prerequisites for making reports through these channels, as well as the person entrusted with the management of internal reports.

It should be noted that they do not fall within in this area, disputes, claims or requests linked to an interest of a personal nature, which relate exclusively to one's individual or working relationships, or inherent to one's working relationships with hierarchically superior figures. Similarly, any disputes relating to participation in Fondenergia as a member or beneficiary do not fall within this scope, for which we remind you that a reserved area for the submission of complaints is available and can be reached at www.fondenergia.it

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