Whistleblowing reports

This is a dedicated channel to submit reports, when we believe that someone is acting, even if only potentially, in violation of laws, regulations and/or principles contained in the Alfasigma Global Code of Conduct.

The persons who make the reports act in the interest of the Alfasigma Group and are protected.

Alfasigma Group guarantees the confidentiality of whistleblowers and prohibits any form of retaliation against them.

Reports must be made in good faith, be circumstantiated and based on precise and concordant elements, and related to verifiable facts.

Situations of a private nature or complaints of personal nature, against colleagues or supervisors, are beyond the scope of this reporting system and falls under the responsibility of the Human Resources Department.

Alfasigma Group does not tolerate any abuse of reporting channels.

We guarantee that all the received comments will be carefully evaluated.

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